Monica Weber

dsc_4657Monica has been a midwife since 2009, when she completed the midwifery education program at McMaster University. Prior to completing her midwifery degree, she completed an undergraduate degree in Women’s studies and Anthropology at Laurentian University, focusing on courses in family life studies and human sexuality.  Women’s reproductive health and social determinants of health have been long term interests for her. It was her desire to be useful and to care for people experiencing profound transition that drew Monica to midwifery work, also the joy of witnessing women’s many strengths, and their unique ways of navigating the transitions of motherhood.  Prior to her work as a midwife, Monica spent several years supporting adults with physical and developmental disabilities, and worked coordinating her campus Women’s centre.

With a few exceptions, that include living in both London England, and London Ontario,  Monica has been a long time resident of Waterloo region, and considers herself blessed to have grown up on a family farm outside of Kitchener. Visits to the farm with walks in the woods are still a favorite pastime. She is exploring the challenge of keeping bees at her grandfather’s farm, mostly for her grandfather’s amusement.

Monica loves to share her passion for cheese and everything that goes well with it.  Midwifery life has taught Monica to push the boundaries of what is possible to make in a slow cooker. She is currently on a mission to find healthy German cuisine and move around enough.

Monica spends much of her free time and resources renovating the century home she shares with her husband, in downtown Kitchener. She finds this is often enjoyable, or at least, fertile ground for comedy. Her house came with a garden, which is her most enjoyable domestic concern and she has a growing collection of weird and wonderful trees, shrubs, and beautiful tubers.  Monica and her husband enjoy live music, board gaming, bird and orchid spotting, hiking, canoeing, visiting the family cottage on the Bruce Peninsula, and Oktoberfesting too. Members of Monica’s family have relocated to both the Maritimes, and BC and her vacation plans often include a visit to one of these beautiful places.

Monica has never required the attentions of a midwife herself, despite the fact that her home is not the least bit child proof.

Monica is thrilled to be part of the Blue Heron team, she is proud of the innovative ways our team provides midwifery care to families in our region, while also creating 80an environment that fosters connections between families and builds our community.