Womens Health Fair for Arabic-Speaking Newcomers

There is a Women’s Health Fair for Arabic-speaking newcomers
Wednesday March 29 @ 1:00-3:00pm
25 Joseph St., Kitchener, Parking available off of David Street

Come and learn more about various topics important for women:

Contraceptive Methods, Prenatal Care in Canada, Common Women’s Health Issues, Screening tests

*Interpreters & childcare provided*
Please share with any Arabic Newcomers that you know
الأربعاء 29 آذار / مارس من الساعة ١ – ٣ مساءاً

العنوان: ٢٥ شارع جوزيف في مدينة كيتشنر

موقف للسيارات متواجد في شارع ديفيد
تفضل وتعلم المزيد حول مواضيع مختلفة ذات اهمية للمراة:

وسائل منع الحمل
الرعاية قبل الولادة في كندا
القضايا الصحية الشائعة للمرأة
اختبارات الفحص

للقادمين الجدد الناطقين باللغة العربية
يتم توفير المترجمين الفوريين ورعاية الأطفال

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Blue Heron Facebook screenshotBlue Heron has a Facebook page. We post news about events, information sessions, and other useful tidbits on this page, so it’s a great way to keep informed about what is happening at Blue Heron. Hop over to it and join in on the conversation!

Blue Heron Midwives featured in Waterloo Chronicle

There was a great piece in the Waterloo Chronicle about Blue Heron Midwives on Tuesday! It talks about our Open House (on Friday, November 25th), the increasing popularity of midwifery, has a bit of info about our midwives (heads up, Michelle’s last name is not ‘Dugg-McCracken’ that is a little typo, ;-)), how our practice came to be named, and lots of other great info. Thanks Waterloo Chronicle!

Water birth options

Water birth tubBlue Heron Midwives is pleased to announce that we now have purchased two new portable water tubs available for free client use! If you are interested in a home water birth please talk to us about this option.

Note: We are having an information night on home water births (and home births in general). Come on out to find out more information.

water birth tub

Check out the new play area at Blue Heron

blue heron toys

It can be fun for a child to come along for a visit to the midwife — they are often interested in how baby sister or brother is doing! However, waiting for the the appointment can be a bit boring for them. We hope that our new play area will help with that. We have books, toys, and bright decorations at one end of our waiting room so that ‘big sister’ or ‘big brother’ can have some fun while waiting to hear the baby’s heartbeat.blue heron midwives, details of toy bin