Blue Heron New Baby Time~ Return to Exercise Postpartum with Rhonda Chamberlain PT

October 25, 2023 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am

The common advice given to women when returning to exercise postpartum is “listen to your body”, but what does that even mean? There isn’t a lot of context given with this advice. In addition, with the influx of #fitmom examples online, and the pervasive message to “bounce back” after pregnancy, the pressure to return to intense exercise postpartum can be overwhelming. My mission is to remind women that pregnancy and birth take a large toll on our bodies. No matter how fit you are, it’s important to honor this time and ease back into exercise slowly and with intention. Let me help educate you about your body, and changes to be mindful of when resuming exercise postpartum. And provide you with tools and advice to get back into the activities you love to do in a way that honors your long-term core and pelvic health.

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