Our response to Coronavirus

Dear Blue Heron Midwives Families and Friends,

Like all essential workers, Blue Heron Midwives are continuing to work during the pandemic. While we continue to see pregnant people and their babies in person, our visit schedule has been revised to reflect the current WHO and AOM recommendations regarding care of the pregnant person and their babies and will include phone or OTN visits as well as in person visits. As always, we are available by pager if you need to connect with us regarding an urgent concern

   At the Clinic: 

  • Screening by online questionnaire before every in person visit.
  • call from your car upon arrival for a second COVID screening. Once you have passed the screening please come to the door and knock.
  • Mask and sanitize upon entry.
  • Present to front desk to have your temperature taken.
  • Arrive on time (not early or late).
  • Come alone if at all possible.
  • Do not come in if you are unwell.
  • Join our group prenatal classes and New Baby Time via Zoom.

At the Hospital:

  • Masks and screening upon entry. Wear them at ALL times while in the hospital.
  • Only one support person allowed for labour and birth.
  • No support people allowed for other assessments or visits

At Home:

  • Midwives will call before arriving. Please have your mask ready to put on for the duration of the visit/labour. Partners will also be expected to wear a mask during visits.
  • Limit the number of people in the home during the visit, or have them stay in another room if possible.
  • If you are planning a home birth, please have the labour/birth space clean and free of extra clutter.

Here are a few reminders regarding travel, guests and family coming from outside Canada:

– AVOID all non-essential travel out of the country for yourself and your household

– If returning from outside Canada, you MUST quarantine for 14 days regardless of whether or not you have symptoms

– if you have guests or family coming from another country they MUST quarantine for 14 days in a separate residence from you regardless of symptoms

– before quarantine be prepared with enough food and supplies to stay in your residence with NO contact with others for the duration of the 14 days

Please help keep everyone safe by following these rules!
To learn more, see the Government of Canada link.

Talk to your midwife if you have questions about current travel and guest accommodations due to Covid-19.

The Blue Heron Midwives

Ann, Kaitlin, Michelle, Jessica, Nikki, and Shirley