Connecting Pregnancy

Connecting Pregnancy is an innovative program that combines prenatal clinical care and prenatal education all together in a group setting.   Health check-ups are combined with education and support from other members of the group by combining your prenatal health care and learning.

Here health visits are interesting and fun and a place to get to know other expectant families.  This program is ideal not only for first-timers, but also for clients new to Waterloo Region. This program is also a fantastic refresher experience for those who have gone through this journey before. We offer this kind of care option for our clients because of the extra benefits for our clients that research shows.

  • You are invited to join a group of 6 to 10 clients (and their birth partners).
  • Everyone in your group is due in the same month as you everyone in the group will have similar experiences.
  • Your group session starts in the second trimester and continues through to term or near-term.
  • The frequency increases with the frequency of your expected visits so you receive the full prenatal care along with the education. Initially we meet once a month, and later in the pregnancy every 2 weeks.
  • Connecting Pregnancy group meetings last 2 hours and are occur from 4-5 pm to accommodate parents with daytime work commitments.
  • The group is guided by members of your midwifery team and facilitated by a childbirth educator, who will remain with that group for the whole series.
  • The clinical care aspect of the group is a private check-up (“belly check”). Your privacy remains protected like in any clinical care.
  • Together with the other group members, you discuss topics related to pregnancy, birth, parenting, and personal growth. These include diet and exercise, the birthing process, comfort measures for labour, what to expect in the hospital, home birth options, pain management options, breastfeeding, and newborn care.
  • Expectant parents get to know each other and form a support network who often stay connected for months or years afterwards.  Your partner or support-person is welcome to attend and will find support for their experience as well. This is the “connecting” part.
  • Many participants in Connecting Pregnancy look forward to meeting together after their postpartum recovery at our New Baby Time.

There are 8 Connecting Pregnancy group sessions. Topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Exercise
  • Relaxation and comfort measures for labour
  • The birthing process
  • Birth place options
  • Pain management options
  • Breastfeeding and infant care

Here is some feedback we’ve received from past clients:

  • “The group care program provided me with the opportunity to get know other women in the community.”
  • “It was reassuring to know others shared the same concerns and had similar questions.”
  • Group care really opens the door to a comfortable, family atmosphere in a midwifery practice.

Interested in Connecting Pregnancy?

Signing up for Connecting Pregnancy is easy! When you come into care, you will receive a “welcome” email that will include the Connecting Pregnancy schedule for the month that you are due. Once you have decided to join, call our office administrator to be added to the group for your month’s due date. Alternatively, talk to your midwife. Some month groups fill up more quickly that others so sign up as soon as you know you are interested.