Our Team

Registered Midwife Teams

When in care with us you will be assigned to a small team of midwives. We have two teams: Team Pink and Team Blue.

The benefits of team care for you is 24-hour a day seven day a week on-call coverage throughout your care with us. The other benefit for you is that your clinic appointments are protected from cancellation due to on-call concerns. You will be assigned your team once your final due date is established early in your care. You will have an opportunity to meet, be familiar with, and comfortable with your team midwives.

Team Pink

Team Blue

On Maternity Leave and busy with baby George

Our Administrators

Our friendly administration staff are there for you to help organize your appointments with us, to keep the clinic clean, supplied, and running smoothly.

Our Students

All the Registerd Midwives at Blue Heron Midwives were at one time Student Midwives. Blue Heron Midwives is a teaching practice for the Midwifery Education Program we support clinical learners. In your care with us, you may have important role in supporting the teaching of new midwives. We encourage you to welcome student involvement. In return, you receive extra support and care in your experience. Most clients find that having a student involved in their care enhances their experience, and they come to see the student as an integral part of their team. Midwifery students complete two major placements with midwifery practices: Normal Childbearing (16 weeks) and Senior Year (total of 36 weeks). Students will follow one team of midwives, and are involved in all aspects of clinical care. As students progress through the program, they can be expected to perform more and more clinical tasks independently but are always under the supervision of a Registered Midwife on your team. Student involvement can not only help grow the profession, but can also enhance your experience in clinic appointments, community or hospital assessments, labour and birth support, postpartum and newborn care, and phone calls/pages.